Women in Israel celebrate after winning gold in the light blue garment

An Israeli team of women who won the light-blue garment competition at the World Light-Blue Jeans Expo have said that the celebrations are “not only a symbolic moment, but also a call for change”.

On Sunday evening, the Israel-based women’s team of three won the first round of the competition, which attracted some 15,000 competitors from around the world.

The team of two women, Rachel Elitzur and Eliza, took the bronze medal in the women’s light-gray pants category, and were joined by a third, Tamar, who won gold in her light-brown pants.

Their win, the second in the competition in three years, was hailed as a “historic moment” by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also tweeted his congratulations.

The light blue pants were first introduced in Israel in the 1970s and have since become a signature piece for the country’s athletes.

The women, from the Tel Aviv University team, said in a statement that the victory was “a huge success for light-Blue Israel”.

“We hope to bring light-Gray Israel back to prominence in the Israeli sporting world,” they said.

“Light-Blue Israeli athletes have won a lot of medals in international competitions and we hope that our success is a sign of hope to the lightening world.”

The Light-Gray Jeans and the Light-Bronze Jeans competition are jointly held by the International Light-Brown Jeans Federation and the International Association of Light-Grey Jeans.

The winner of each category was awarded the equivalent of a gold medal, and was then asked to pick between two light-purple or dark-purples and a bronze medal.

Each category was judged on a scale of one to five, with the lighter colors having lower scores.

The Light Blue Jeans is a traditional form of dress, worn by women in Israel since the 1960s.

It was designed to be light enough to be worn on the streets of Israel and, when worn, could be worn as a skirt or turtleneck.

The dress is usually made from soft fabric and has a slim silhouette, with a slit at the waist, and a hood.

The other two categories are Light-Green Jeans, designed for women with lighter skin tone, and Light-Dark Blue Jebs, which are meant for people with darker skin tones.

Both categories have been a focus of criticism from the Israeli media in recent years, with Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu recently announcing a plan to make the light colours more popular.

In the light blues, the garment is usually worn in a sleeveless or short-sleeved form and is often worn with a high-heeled boot, according to the Israel National Team website.

Light Blue Jeggings were first used by the Israeli government as a fashion statement during the Second Intifada in 2005, and then as a symbol of resistance during the Gaza War.

The garment became a symbol for the Jewish state during the Palestinian uprising in 2007, but was not officially recognised by the UN until 2009.

Last year, the Israeli embassy in London said it was planning to introduce light blue trousers for Israeli athletes in 2020.

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