Why does this water flood light phone cost £500?

It’s a new phone.

It’s not a new smartphone.

But its price tag is a good indication of just how expensive smartphones have become.

There are now hundreds of cheap phones out there, costing up to $100 on the iPhone or more than $200 on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

And the cost of one of these phones is now more than twice as high as it was before the flood light was introduced in 2016.

So is it worth it?

Read more What are flood lights?

When water rises in the river, the floodlight can be used to warn people about the danger.

A phone is used to flash a yellow light that turns white when the water level is at the top of its screen.

A water level indicator lights up when water is at its lowest.

The floodlight is a relatively simple feature.

It works by displaying a red circle at a lower colour.

The bigger the colour, the bigger the circle.

The circle indicates the water depth.

At the top the circle will say ‘top of screen’, and the colour of the screen will change to a different colour.

Water level is the same as the area above the water mark.

The lower the water, the lower the circle indicates.

What’s the cost?

For many years the cost for flood lights was often £25 to £40, depending on the size of the phone.

That figure has fallen by a third over the last decade, but the price is still a lot higher than many people realise.

When you compare this with other phone features, like the ability to mute your phone’s speaker or set the volume, flood lights can be expensive.

The cost of an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 costs about £500.

If you want to get a flood light on a Samsung Galaxy phone, the price will be closer to $1,000.

And Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S5 are still cheaper than the flood lights on the Galaxy S8.

And you can get a Samsung Smart Home feature that lets you control flood lights, but it is not currently included in the Galaxy Note 8.

What about flood lights that work in the dark?

If you have a floodlight that can function in the night, it might be cheaper to buy one that works in the day.

That’s because it is easier to control.

It will use a smartphone camera to record the light and a special LED to indicate when the light is on.

This will also flash when the phone is in darkness.

The LED will flash when water levels are at the bottom of the display.

The camera will also automatically record and send back the video, so you can control the floodlights from your phone.

When the floodlit phone is dark, it will not be able to control the lights, so it will flash white and the phone will not turn on.

But if you have the flood lamp turned on, it can flash red and the lights will flash green and the camera will flash blue.

And if you want a flood LED on your phone, you’ll need to spend a few extra pounds to buy a flood lamp that can work in dimly lit areas.

But the flood lighting feature is a nice bonus if you’re in the area.

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