Which video game is better than Uncharted 4?

The new Uncharted 4, released this week, is a game in which the main character, Nadine Ross, and her best friend, Elena, embark on a perilous journey across New York City in order to find the missing daughter of a billionaire who has vanished.

A couple of months after the game was released, the pair are stranded in a cave in a remote area of the Hudson Valley, where they are hunted by a vicious pack of wolves.

Nadine has just discovered that the wolves have taken over their home and is determined to save them, while Elena has already taken on the role of the hero in their fight against the wolves.

The game has been compared to Uncharted 3 and 4, and has been praised by many for its narrative and combat.

I’ve been very impressed with the graphics, sound and gameplay of Uncharted 4. 

The game’s first trailer is actually quite good.

It’s not as visually impressive as Uncharted 3, but the graphics look good enough that it’s not hard to see why Uncharted 4 is considered one of the best games in the series.

The game does have a few issues that need to be addressed, however, and that’s the camera. 

Nadine has an arsenal of weapons and an array of skills to use, but her primary weapon, the shotgun, is pretty bad.

The weapon itself is extremely inaccurate and has a huge hitbox, making it difficult to hit anything that isn’t moving in front of you.

If the camera is set to auto, you’ll see a green triangle with a number below it.

I find it hard to trust this system.

While it’s understandable that the game has a relatively large amount of camera space, I just can’t see the developer making this system more intuitive.

If you are a fan of Uncharted 3’s camera, you will appreciate how Uncharted 4’s camera works.

You will also appreciate how the camera in Uncharted 4 works, especially in comparison to Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy. 

You have the ability to rotate the camera around you, but it doesn’t really work that well.

I can see why this would be a problem, as the camera tends to rotate left or right, which is very annoying.

I just find it difficult not to look over my shoulder and get a better view of the environment as the player moves around.

I also like how Uncharted 2 had a system that you could move your camera around to get a different perspective on a scene.

Uncharted 4 doesn’t have this option, so you end up looking over your shoulder.

If I wanted to, I could even tilt my camera to get an additional perspective.

Nadne Ross’s gun is also the most annoying weapon in the game.

The shotgun can only fire three shots before you can reload it, and while this is nice to have, it’s just not very satisfying.

The first time I used the shotgun in Uncharted 2, I reloaded every time I fired it.

I found myself using this weapon so much that I couldn’t even use it once in a while.

The camera is also pretty bad when you have to go through a snowy environment.

There is absolutely no way to see through the snow and the game just doesn’t seem to care about the weather conditions.

You can’t even tell when it’s raining outside.

This problem is fixed in Uncharted 5, which allows you to change the weather and the conditions of the area you are in.

However, it still seems like the game is making an effort to make the snow feel realistic, especially when it comes to the snow in the caves.

The game does provide some nice snow effects in the snow, but they are far from the perfect snowfall I’ve seen in the past. 

There are also several areas that the player can’t enter without the use of a snow shovel.

While this doesn’t affect gameplay, it is distracting.

You are unable to move around during the snowstorm, and there are a few times when the game feels like you are moving into a snowstorm. 

If you have played Uncharted 3 or 4, then you know that there is a lot of camera overlap between the two games.

You won’t have a hard time finding areas in Uncharted 3 that are the same size as areas in The Lost Legend, and in Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, you have access to areas in the same area that you wouldn’t be able to reach in Uncharted.

The player is constantly being bombarded with camera angles and camera angles that are extremely similar to the locations in The Nathan Drew Collection.

The snow in Uncharted is just not as clear as in The New Drake Collection.

The biggest issue with the camera for me was the ability for the player to interact with objects.

The camera just doesn, at times, feel like it’s trying to be a part of the scene.

For example, in one scene, Nadrine and Elena have to take a shortcut through a snow storm.

When you get into the snow cave, you immediately notice that there

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