Which colours light up?

A recent study by researchers at MIT and Harvard suggests that colour light may play a role in the perception of light.

The researchers looked at colour-changing light that was produced by an array of six fluorescent strips.

These strips had six different colours, and were arranged in a grid pattern.

The colours could be used to create the colours of a colour lamp.

“We found that the way light changes colours is a pretty well-known property of the retina, and it’s actually one of the properties that makes light look red,” says Professor Michael G. Roper, who led the research.

The colour light used to produce the study, however, was red and it was not the colour light produced by the strip, but a fluorescent light that had a red tip.

Professor Roper’s team then examined whether light from different wavelengths could affect the colours produced by light from the same strip.

The light that is produced by each strip, then, could affect which colours of light are perceived as red.

In this study, they looked at a wide range of colours of colour light.

One way that light could affect colours is by influencing the way the light is reflected off of the object.

A red light that strikes the retina and bounces off of it will create a red light, says Professor Ropers.

The other way light can affect colours was by altering the colour of the light.

If the light has a red colour, then it will appear red, and if it has a blue colour, it will also appear red.

“That means if we look at light that has a yellow colour, for example, the light will appear yellow, and vice versa,” says Roper.

In the study they found that when red light was produced, it was more likely to cause colour changes.

In a separate experiment, they tested the effect of different wavelengths of light on the way that the light reflected off the retina reacted to light of different colours.

These effects were the same when the light was emitted from different sources, but they were different when the wavelength was the same.

“The reason is that a different wavelength will change the way in which light reacts to the retina,” says the researcher.

A blue light that hits the retina at a wavelength of 700 nanometres will appear blue, but if the light reaches a wavelength near 500 nanometre, it would be red.

The team also tested the effects of different colour filters on how light was reflected.

The filter used in the experiment was a special type of filter that can absorb light and convert it into colours.

The blue light used in this study was made by mixing blue light with a blue filter, but in the future it may be possible to create colour filters that can change the wavelength of light so that they absorb light of a different colour.

The red light in this example was produced when a red filter was used.

However, if a colour filter was not used, the colour would be yellow.

In some cases, the filters would be too strong and could cause colour change.

The study was published in the journal Nature Communications.

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