When you see the light, you’re actually doing something

A lot of people think they’re just looking at a light, but if you’re not paying attention, you can actually be doing something that is dangerous to your health and well-being.

And it’s a lot easier to do when you’re using the same light source as your eyes.

A new study, published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, found that when light is reflected off objects like the mirrors in your bathroom mirror, the light in your eyes is actually being reflected back to you.

Researchers found that light reflected from the mirror can cause damage to your retina and brain.

So if you look at a mirror, but you don’t see anything, but instead you see a light source, then you are actually causing your eyes to act like they’re looking at something and actually looking at your eyes, the researchers said.

“The light can actually get through your eyeballs and damage your vision and cause your eyes and your retina to not respond to the light as well,” Dr Helen Gao said.

“It causes them to not be as efficient at sensing light as they should.”

Dr Gao says people have a tendency to focus on what’s in front of them, rather than focusing on what they’re actually seeing.

“[But] if we take away that focus, then our eyes and our vision become more efficient, because they’re not focusing on things that are actually in front,” she said.

A lot of light is being reflected off mirrors when it comes to your eyesThe researchers found that people who were exposed to an artificial light source in the mirror, for example, were more likely to see things that were out of their sight.

When people looked at an object that was directly behind them, for instance, they were only seeing the light reflected off it.

They were also more likely than people who looked at a reflective mirror to see an object in front.

It was the same with the artificial light.

People who looked behind an object, instead, were only viewing light reflected by the object.

When light is reflecting off objects, the amount of light you see is determined by your visual system.

Your retina is like a camera, which can capture the light from a light-emitting surface like a light bulb.

You can see that the amount you see depends on the brightness of the light and the distance you are from the light source.

But you can also see the amount that you see, as the light is moving through the lens, by measuring how much light the lens is refracted and refracted.

That’s how light reflects off objects.

Light reflects off a mirror in a bathroom mirrorIt’s because of that reflection, light can’t actually be seen.

“If you look in a mirror with the right lens, the reflection will look like a bright spot, because you see it reflected back, but when you look with the wrong lens, you’ll actually see the reflection as a dark spot,” Dr Gao explained.

In order to see the real light reflected back at you, the mirror has to be reflected back.

Dr Goa says when you have a mirror on your toilet, you see reflections from the mirrors around the toilet, but they’re invisible to your naked eye.

“The mirror in the toilet is reflective so it’s not reflecting light into your eyes,” she explained.

“When you look through a mirror that’s reflective, you are not seeing anything.

But when you are looking at the mirror in front, you actually see that light being reflected.

What happens is that when you get out of the mirror and the mirror is back, the mirrors reflections are actually reflected back into the eyes.”

Dr Helen Goa, from the University of Queensland, says when people are looking in mirrors they are focusing on something they don’t actually see, rather they see something that’s reflected back in to their eyes.

“They are focusing inwards on the reflection and that’s actually what causes the reflections in their eyes to appear darker than they actually are,” she told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“So when they are actually seeing something that they should see, that they really should see as a light reflecting from the reflection of the surface of the toilet.”

You actually are reflecting that light back to your eye, which is dangerous because that light is actually damaging your eyes.

“A lot more people don’t realise they’re doing something dangerous when they use mirrorsSource: The ConversationA lot, though, of people don´t realise they are doing something harmful when they’re using mirrors.

A study published in Scientific Reports found that 70 per cent of Australians think they are not aware they are using mirrors, despite having been exposed to a mirror for the first time.

Dr Gillian K. Macdonald, a professor of environmental health at the University in Victoria, said many people do not realise what they are seeing, or what they can do to change the

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