What Seattle’s light bulb can’t change, city council votes to ban

The Seattle City Council voted Thursday night to ban all street light fixtures in Seattle.

The vote came after city officials voted to ban LED street lights last week.

The city’s light switch was also turned off last week in response to the city’s citywide ban on indoor outdoor LED lighting.

The council vote was met with cheers and chants from residents.

Some of those supporters, like Mike Miller, who lives near where the city council voted, said he believes the ban will have an impact on Seattle’s economy.

“It’s an investment, it’s going to have an economic impact on the city,” Miller said.

Miller said the city needs to focus on lighting the city.

“If we don’t light the city, we’re not going to get the light that we need to create the jobs that we want.”

Miller also noted that LED streetlights don’t have the same level of reliability as other street lights, so he’s concerned about the safety of residents living near those lights.

A study released last year by the city found that LED lights are at least four times more likely to cause accidents than traditional street lights.

The ban was voted down by Council members and City Attorney Pete Holmes.

The council voted to add more restrictions on the LED lighting on Friday, after a hearing Tuesday.

After the vote, Council member Debora Juarez said she hoped the council would take the issue back to voters, which could result in a second ballot.

“If the council wants to make it permanent, I would be happy to do that,” Juarez told ABC News.

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