Watch: The Zippo Light Bulb from the Future of Lighting

A new light bulb that promises to reduce energy consumption by more than 50% has been unveiled by Zippos, the makers of the popular Zippomat, Zippoman and Zippog.

The Ziplocs, which feature a flexible bulb design, are also available as standard with the company’s line of compact products.

Zipps claims the new Ziplos could be used in new lighting products by 2020.

The Ziplog bulbs, which are made of aluminum, are expected to replace existing bulbs in about two years, according to, which estimates that the Ziplojits could reduce energy use by more then 40%.

The Zipperons have an output of 1,200 lumens and an energy density of 4,000 BTUs per kilogram, according the company.

Zipperon products can also be connected to existing lighting fixtures and are made with a unique flexible filament that can be easily swapped out with other materials.

Ziplokos’ products are also expected to be able to charge their batteries on demand.

The bulbs have a lifespan of up to a year, and can be charged via a standard 3-volt DC power adapter.

ZIPPolabs is also working on a battery charger for the Zippokos, but has yet to release an official date for the project.

Zipping the bulb, a feature that many consumers like to see, is also coming.

The company is also planning to bring a battery charging system to the market in 2020.

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