Snow is coming down as Santa Clause descends on Northeast

Snow is falling and the trees are turning green across the Northeast as Santa Clauses sleigh rolls down the Northeast Mall.

The Santa Clause holiday is starting early in the Northeast, with the New England region’s Christmas lights starting at 6 p.m.


The holiday starts at a time when many are still recovering from the winter storm.

New Englanders can expect the snow and ice to begin falling in their area on Saturday, the National Weather Service said.

Snow is expected to accumulate at a steady pace throughout the day.

It will then begin to build over the Northeast on Sunday.

By Monday, the snow will have completely covered the entire Northeast, leaving it clear and crisp for a holiday weekend holiday celebration.

In New England, it’s expected to start early and run down over New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island on Saturday and Sunday, the weather service said.

In Connecticut, it’ll be just as bad.

In Massachusetts, the holiday will start on Sunday morning and run to Thursday evening.

On Monday, it will continue to drop over the state, but will start to grow on Monday and Tuesday.

By Wednesday, it should be snowing mostly over the city of Boston.

In Providence, it is expected that the snow is going to begin to pile up as the day wears on.

The snow will also begin to grow in other parts of the state on Wednesday, the forecast office said.

The forecast for the rest of the Northeast is also good, with temperatures expected to average a chilly 16 degrees on Monday night, with a few showers expected as the snow melts.

The storm is expected not to affect New England’s winter storm watch.

In Philadelphia, temperatures will average about a half-degree, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

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