Queensland City Council bans buses that use light fixtures

The Queensland City Government has banned buses that have light fixtures for beds and kitchen lights from using the street, despite the state’s high population density.

Key points:The Government says its decision is based on the fact that Queensland City’s population is already growing and more people are living in Brisbane than in MelbourneThe Government said there was no data to suggest light fixtures could be a health riskThe Government wants the State Government to consider changing the law to make it easier for Queensland’s light fixtures to be removed and replace them with solar panels.

“We are concerned that the current law will prevent a sustainable future for Queensland City and our other local authorities,” the City Council said in a statement.

“If the light fixtures were to become a health hazard for residents of Brisbane, then we would be concerned that this would have an impact on our other authorities and communities across Queensland.”

City Council chief executive officer John Hickey said the Government’s decision was based on data from the Queensland Government.

“The number of people living in Queensland has gone up significantly in recent years,” Mr Hickey told ABC Brisbane.

“It’s been estimated that the number of Queensland residents in the CBD will double in the next 20 years.”

So the Government is looking at the numbers that are in Brisbane and Queensland City, and that’s why they’re making this decision.

“And we think that they should look at the safety of people who use the lights, particularly if they’re people who are using them for recreation and for social purposes.”

The Government has made a number of changes to the way light fixtures are installed, including removing the requirement to remove the light fixture from the street when the street is cleared.

But, Mr Hipper said, the Government was still working on making sure there was not a health impact on Brisbane residents.

“When we have a health issue we have to look at what that is, and we are trying to find out how we can reduce it to a small degree,” he said.

“There is no reason to remove light fixtures from the streets.”

Mr Hickey also said there would be no change to the requirement for buses to stop and wait in designated light-rail parking areas.

“That is a requirement of the light-truck and the light truck drivers themselves,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.”[But] it’s something that is not necessarily part of Queensland City bus rules.”

But it’s still part of the requirement that we’ve put in.

“The City Council’s decision comes after a series of incidents involving lights on Queensland City streets over the past few months.

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