Light brown, dark brown, light brown, and dark brown – the best and worst colours of human skin

We’re all familiar with the term “colour blindness” but now we know why it exists.

If you’ve ever seen someone’s eyes turn purple or brown, they may have a genetic mutation that causes them to experience the color of their skin, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use the correct colours.

In fact, it’s possible to see the difference between normal skin colour and that of a person with a specific genetic mutation.

So how does a mutation affect the colour of your skin?

It turns out, it depends on the gene involved.

The genetic colour-blind gene, which is found in some people and the skin in people with skin cancer, is responsible for the colour blue in our skin, yellow in the eyes and black in the skin.

In humans, the gene causes skin cells to produce the melanin pigment, which can be a colour that you might not be familiar with.

It also affects the way the melanins are processed by the skin, allowing the pigment to become more reflective or darker in certain areas.

However, people with the gene also have a gene that makes them more sensitive to sunlight, which means they can live longer in the sun.

Skin colour is a very complex topic.

Some people can only see the blue of their eye and they have a mutation in this gene, while some people are born with a skin colour that is similar to that of the person with the mutation.

The gene that affects the blue and the green of the skin is also very complex.

However, the melanocytes in your skin are made up of a variety of different pigment molecules, each of which can have a different colour.

This means you can see the differences in the colours of different skin types.

So how does it affect your skin colour?

It depends on which melanocytes are making the pigment, and how sensitive they are to sunlight.

It is also possible to have a colour-sensitive gene, meaning that if you have a certain gene that causes you to have dark skin, you can still have a normal skin tone, even if you don’t have a melanocyte mutation.

People with a gene for light brown skin also have skin that is darker than normal, and it’s likely that the skin on their face and body is darker too.

This may not be obvious, but it can be noticeable if you are watching someone closely.

A darker skin tone is linked to a higher risk of developing melanoma, the cancer of the outer layer of the melanocyte.

It is also associated with skin cancers in the eye and the mouth.

When it comes to the melanocortin-1 receptor (MC1R), a gene which affects how the melanoproteins in the hair follicles are processed, light skin is linked with darker skin.

If a person has a mutation that affects this receptor, then the pigment in the hairs on their body will be darker than it normally would be, which makes them appear darker than their normal skin.

This can be caused by the melanoma gene, or if the melanocytic process is interrupted, the cells will be able to produce a less reactive version of the pigment called cyanoquinone.

This produces the darker-coloured skin, which you can feel.

These skin-colour differences are very subtle, and are more visible to people with normal skin pigmentation.

However if you suffer from a skin condition that affects one of the four pigmentation receptors, the skin will also appear darker.

This is called hyperpigmentation.

You can read more about melanocoronoma in the BBC’s Blue Eyes podcast.

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