How to stop your bike lights from hitting your head

A new video has been uploaded to YouTube by a cycling group, urging people to keep their bike lights on. 

The video shows a young woman wearing a helmet riding through traffic, as she pedals to her destination, with her eyes closed. 

It shows the cyclist hitting the ground, then turning and continuing along with the cyclist, who is then hit by the bike lights and the car. 

However, the woman in the helmet appears to stop. 

After some time the bike and the cyclist are both seen turning around and moving in different directions, with the bicycle and cyclist continuing along. 

Eventually, the car speeds off.

The video has received over 1.3 million views on YouTube, and the video’s creator said the video was meant to raise awareness about the dangers of riding in traffic.

“We need to stop using these unsafe lights and start using them responsibly, and that starts with being conscious about your safety,” said the group’s member, Sarah Crampton.

“I’ve seen a lot of cyclists hit by cars on the road and I’ve seen cars stop and make a right turn into people on bikes, but it’s not always safe to do that,” she added.

“So what we’re trying to do is show people that these lights are not safe, they can hit people in the head and cause serious injury.”

The video was originally uploaded on Monday by the group Bicycling Ireland, which has previously raised awareness about cyclists’ risks in the road.

The group has also created a website to share information on the dangers posed by cycling lights, with a number of organisations such as the National Cycling Safety Authority (NCSA) and the UK’s National Cyclists’ Union (NCU) offering advice on the issue.

Bicycle Ireland said it hoped the video would draw attention to the importance of riding with lights on and the dangers cyclists face on roads.

“When it comes to bike lights, we want to make sure they’re not being used in the wrong way, and we need to make them safer, rather than just making them harder to see,” said Ms Cramptons partner, Kate Cram.

“The idea of a helmet or other safety device in the bike light is not to make it more visible but to help protect people from the risk of hitting their head when cycling.”

The group’s YouTube channel also has a number, including one which shows a woman being taken off her bike after a collision, and another that shows a man riding through a traffic jam in Dublin.

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