How to Get Rid of Your Bathroom Vanity Lights

If you’re in a bathtub and your lights are getting a little too bright, you can turn off the bathroom vanity lights by turning the dimmer switch on.

These lights can be quite bright in a tub or shower, but in a shower or bathtub, they’re very dimmer.

If you’ve got a few extra dimmer switches lying around and a few less of the old bulbs, this is the trick to turning off your bathroom vanity light.

Read More , you’ll need to turn the light off.

Here are the steps you’ll have to take: 1.

Turn off the light source.

If your lights have dimmer settings, turn the dimmest setting off and then turn the brightness back up. 2.

Turn the light on.

After you’ve turned the light back on, turn on the light you want to turn off.

If the light is dim, it will be brighter.

If it’s not dim, turn it off.


Press the power button.

The light will be off.

It should turn on and off automatically.

If not, press the power switch again.


Press a key or a button on your remote control.

The lamp will turn on, and it will stay on when you press a key, or a key on the remote control, or the volume up/down buttons on the phone.


Turn on the bulb.

You can also turn the lamp on and turn it back off.

There are several different options to turn on/off a bathroom vanity lamp, so it’s worth having a look at the options available.


Go to Settings.

Select the light type you want the light to turn.


Check and make sure you have the correct bulb type.

You’ll see the options on the left.

If there’s a bulb type that doesn’t match the one you have, select it and go to the next option.

You may have to press the bulb button several times.


You’re done.

Your bathroom vanity will be dimmer again.

To turn it on again, you just have to do the steps above again.

Read more about changing the light bulbs.

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