How to find a botanical garden with light purple lights

NEW YORK — A botanical landscape in Brooklyn that’s bright orange, purple and light purple, is attracting some attention.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden lights up every night, but some of the brightest lights are the lights of the New York Botanical Gardens.

The lights are located near the Botanical Pavilion, and they are used by some of its plants and animals.

It’s a small piece of a huge garden, said Stephanie Pyle, a botanist who works at the Garden.

“It’s actually quite a big piece of it, I would say,” she said.

Pyle said the lights are used in the summer months to brighten the gardens atmosphere and the gardens lighting, and that is part of the reason the lights glow.

She said the Garden lights are actually a very small part of its overall lighting.

“The lighting is really just one of the ways we manage the garden,” she told the Times.

Some of the most iconic lighting in the Garden is the blue-and-white light at the entrance to the garden, which is a huge feature.

Pyle explained that it is the only time the lights get a bright blue color, but the blue color is really a reflection of the colors in the surrounding foliage.

“We’re actually actually using a blue tint to light up the foliage that is growing in the garden so the plants can see through,” she explained.

There are a few other lighting effects, too.

Pyle said a bright orange light is sometimes used to mark a certain point on a plant’s stem.

She said the bright orange is actually a reflection off the surrounding green vegetation.

“In the fall, we use orange to light the foliage on the stem of certain plants so that they will look more vibrant and more vibrant green,” she added.

Another effect is that the lights turn green, which Pyle says is another reflection of green foliage.

The Garden lights have attracted attention because they are a symbol of New York.

Pyl says the lights can be seen in the Statue of Liberty, and on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Pyl said the Botanists are aware of the light’s significance, and are working to make sure the lights do not get in the way of the Garden’s visitors.

“It was the first time we had that kind of lighting in our garden,” Pyle told the newspaper.

You can find more on the Botanic Garden’s website.

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