How the Houston Zoo lights up its garden

The Houston Zoo is using a new LED light that makes it look like the earth is floating in space.

The lights are made out of LED panels that turn on at the light switch and turn off at the switch.

It looks like you’re floating on the earth, but is it real?

Read moreThe zoo’s lighting was made from a new “aerosol” type of LED, called light yAGAMI.

The LED is a type of light that is not the same as a regular incandescent light bulb.

It’s more flexible and has a much longer lifespan than the traditional incandescents.

Light yAGami is a new type of LEDs that uses anaerobic chemistry to make them.

It produces light that does not burn.

It does not emit heat and does not release any gases into the air, like incandesces.

In other words, it doesn’t emit heat.

Light YAGAMI can be installed in indoor and outdoor gardens and also in parks, zoos, and other outdoor spaces.

You don’t need to go to a zoo to install it.

It works in any type of lighting and in any environment.

It’s the latest technology to make it look as though you are floating on an invisible planet.

The zoo, which opened in 1971, uses it in its lighting and artificial intelligence programs, but it also uses it to create some other cool effects.

Here’s how it works:When you turn the light on, you see a bright blue sky.

You can see a large, white circle around the circle.

You also can see the ground in front of you.

As the light enters your eye, it emits blue light and you see the outline of the earth.

You might see a blue outline on the ground or a blue circle around your house.

The light is a kind of composite of blue light that has a longer lifespan.

The blue light has a lifespan of about 20 to 40 years, while the red light has an average lifespan of around 10 years.

The color of light depends on how much the light has been exposed to.

The longer it is exposed, the more intense the blue light is.

The light also changes color when it interacts with water.

When you turn it on, the light goes from being white to blue, but the water does not change color.

The blue light does not have any energy or emission that emits heat, so it can’t burn.

The green light has the same effect, but its lifespan is shorter, at about 10 years for the green light and about 20 years for light yellow.

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